3 reasons your CBD products should Laboratory tested

Buying CBD products can be daunting and even a little scary for some. The idea of handing over your hard-earned cash for sub-standard CBD products, or even illegal items, is a tough obstacle to navigate.


Individuals want a way to be able to guarantee that they are getting what is advertised without any added chemicals and certainly without any unlawful additional THC. The same applies for businesses. Many companies will need to find a trusted and reputable CBD retailer to avoid harming their own customers or to avoid facing fines for providing unlawful products.


Thankfully, there is a way for personal CBD users and businesses to identify a good CBD seller over a bad one. Those that use third-party laboratory testing to verify the content of their CBD should be your go-to suppliers. Here are the three key reasons why this sort of verification is crucial.


Get Chemical-Free CBD


Some CBD products are imported from places that use pesticides, fungicides, or additives during the growing process. These can negatively influence the CBD-user's experience and can also be harmful to your body. Luckily, lab scientists can complete a specific test to check if CBD is free of harsh or dangerous chemicals.


Make Sure Your CBD Product Is Legal!


One of the biggest concerns for a lot of CBD-product buyers is the legality of their purchase. If your buys step over the legal THC content, you could land yourself in hot water and playing the I-didn’t-know card is probably not going to work. If you’re travelling through an airport or using equipment at work, you could be severely punished for buying CBD products with too high of a THC content. Let the men and women in white coats check this for you so you only buy safely!


Verify The Actual Content Of Your CBD Product


Even season-long CBD users are still wary about the contents of their CBD hash or CBD E-liquid. It is even more concerning for new CBD users on the scene who may not have found their go-to supplier just yet. Instead of fishing around trying to find an authentic retailer of CBD products and wasting your money on low-quality products, find a retailer who has had all their stock verified by a third-party laboratory instead.


Get Third-Party Laboratory Tested CBD Products, Today!


At CBD Bat, our CBD products have been tested by an independent third party. Tucked away in their laboratory, they have put our stock under the microscope to ensure we are providing chemical-free and law-abiding CBD flower, CBD E-liquid CBD hash and CBD food.


You can be sure of the content and quality of our legal products - so come and see what we have in store at the moment!