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We offer easy to use, fast-paced, on-demand electronic payment solutions integrated with your CBD websites, online platforms and social mediums without any hassle.

  • User Friendly Access Controls and Checkouts.
  • One-click Transaction Modifications.
  • Best CBD E-commerce payment gateway.
  • Integration with all e-payment methods.

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    Nobody wants to learn that they’ll have to transfer their ecommerce site to a new platform in order to use a CBD payment processor.

    This can be both time-consuming and distressing, especially if you’ve spent a lot of money and time evolving the visual of your online cannabis or hemp shop for your clients.

     As a result, you should avoid paying a CBD merchant processing solution that burdens you to use their current platform. Choose a CBDBat flexible payment solution platform that allows you to effectively integrate their CBD credit card processing system with a wide range of ecommerce software.

    Here are the key elements of an e-commerce website process.
    Successful CBD e-commerce design must have all the mentioned things.


    • Simple Integrations API integration, which is the most frequent payment gateway, will be used by a large number of CBD payment processors. One of the most significant advantages of using API is that it allows you, the business owner, to monitor your payment gateway and gain insight into how your ecommerce store appears to customers. CBDBat payment solutions are best for all kinds of CBD merchants.
    • Affordable CBD Payment Solutions Consider whether you can afford to pay the precise % deducted from each transaction by your preferred payment gateway. If it doesn't fit into your profit margins, look for CBDBat experts.
      Keep in mind that credit card transactions are likely to be more costly than debit card transactions.
    • Backend Support Team If you can't ascertain a company that provides personalised customer service, look for one that employs a customer service crew to handle calls and emails around the clock. CBDBat has the best customer support team to manage your online payment complaints.
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