Numerous countries refused to cultivate Cannabis for Export

With the increasing demand for Cannabis, still, a lot of countries earlier refused to export it globally due to several State law concerns as well as the adverse effects of CBD and Hemp oil usage.

Let’s discuss these major effects first to understand the export refusal of CBD products by numerous countries.

·         Yes, CBD causes anxiety and confusion if used excessively.

·         It causes lung cancer, in case CBD has been used with Tobacco.

·         Continuous use of CBD or Hemp oil will cause psychotic illness.

Another very important factor is the beginnings of variation within the international legal organization. If any Government wants to legalize CBD, then they have to go through the challenge of directing an option between unrestrained legalization and hard injunction. Ideally, local and international rules usually won’t catch up to make cannabis export an easy decision.

For now,  many countries are starting to leverage the rules of CBD usage due to its tremendous growth in the medical field. These countries include Canada, the United States, and also, the United Kingdom to some extent.

In most countries still, recreational purposes of CBD are not allowed. The increasing demand for CBD also led many countries towards making it legal for usage but some countries are in the mode of catching up. One immediate reason could be the restriction of CBD trade across some borders.

The most positive factor is the changing attitude of people towards the usage of Cannabis across the world. It might help in changing the government attitude towards cultivating CBD and Hemp oil for export purposes in near future.

Cannabis for medical usage is allowed by the maximum countries across the globe now but with the prescription of certified doctors in order to avoid any adverse effects. 


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